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La Jolla Cove | San Diego, Ca.


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“Hamster’s” Helpers | Boise, ID.

My family in Boise is supporting a great cause, “Walk MS.” Try with all your might, to put yourself in Emily’s “walking” shoes.  In 2011 Emily (my sister-in-law) was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. In my brother’s words, “Because MS is a progressive disease and there is no cure, Emily will for the rest of her life have to give herself a powerful daily injection to slow the damage to her nervous system. This last year has been a struggle since her diagnosis but she continues to amaze us with her resiliency. She has had to make significant changes in her life relating to her activities and diet and has had to deal with adjusting to the drugs while at times there are horrible side effects, she continues to push threw… always looking for ways to improve her situation. Emily will graduate with her masters degree this spring. MS is a disease for which no cure has yet been found however, effective strategies are available to modify the disease course, treat attacks, manage symptoms and improve function. In combination, these treatments enhance the quality of life for people living with MS.” If your’e in the Boise area April 21st 2012, take a few hours on that Saturday to support a great cause. If interested there are two ways of support: 1) walk. 2) donate.


Cabrillo National Monument and Lighthouse | San Diego, CA.

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Normal St. Farmers Market | Hillcrest, San Diego.





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I took a walk around “Shelter Island” today. I liked this sign.


Weleda | “Skin Food” hand lotion. Great design, great product.

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Yokohama Friendship Bell | Shelter Island, San Diego.