Florence and The Machine | The Hollywood Bowl – Los Angeles, Calif

Annabelle and I got to experience The Hollywood Bowl and “her” full entertainment value. Nestled in the Hollywood hills in between the iconic Hollywood sign and the The Cross at Caheunga (The Hollywood Cross), the Hollywood Bowl is purely iconic. We were fortunate to see one of our generations most powerful voices mixed with the cultural Los Angeles “buzz” that is naturally associate with this venue. Florence and The Machine put on a show that utilized and harnessed the power of the canyons and projected the sound into our souls. Yeah, it was that good.


The Saturday Evening Post.

This bimonthly American magazine was published from 1897 to 1971 capturing current events, editorials, human interest, poetry, humor and other stories/illustrations. The Post was known for its timely illustrations and original fictitious works, most notably the illustrations by Norman Rockwell and stories by William Faulkner and Agatha Christie.

In 1969, The Post along with Curtis Publication Co. lost a landmark “slander” suit after claiming Georgia head football coach, Wally Butts and Alabama head coach Bear Bryant conspired to “fix” games. Each coach was awarded $1.8 million, leading to the decline of the iconic magazine.

Credible Thread | San Diego, Calif.

Boutique fashion doesn’t own the San Diego market but this local shop is different from the others. Nestled at the corner of 8th and Market, the front windows overlook the busy and historic gas lamp quarter. If you can afford it, go visit some great people and come up on some timeless gear.

Blends | San Diego, Calif.

Shoes are fun. They make or break an outfit. Shoot, they can even cripple an unsuspecting user. For the most part, I can’t have enough of them, nor can I pass up a chance to visit some of my closest friends. Blends SD has been around for years and it breeds pure stallions. Thanks to all of you who I’ve become close to over the many years, my life wouldn’t be the same without you.

5 and a dime | San Diego, Calif.

Through out Southern California, I can only name a few retailers that continuously evolve and literally set fashion trends. Jay, as humble as he his, would never admit it but his brand and his brand identity weigh heavier than any shop on Melrose. The San Diego iconic moustache logo may have been stolen from the growing popularity of the symbol but as god is my witness, he had it first. Oh well, he’s an innovator surrounded by some of this generations most influential talent, I’m sure he’ll come up with an even stronger concept… I pinky promise.


adventure. (045)

M-Theory Music | San Diego, Calif.

Annabelle and I have officially lived in Orange County for 6 months now. Being in a new place absolutely has its profound advantages and endless adventure opportunities. Unfortunately, and not without persistent observation, I have yet to find a record store that fulfills by boundless appetite for brilliant vinyl music. I have literally traveled between Malibu and San Clemente and as far East as Rancho Cucamonga searching for music house that fulfills my needs but between organization, cleanliness, selection and friendliness, I haven’t found a better spot. Ask for Rick, he’s smart and genuine.