Super Bowl XLVII | San Francisco 31 vs. Baltimore 34

Below are some notable ads from this year’s Super Bowl. Each one has been over talked about so I’ll keep it to a minimum. In no particular order, these are my favorites.

Dodge Ram | God Made a Farmer
Thanks to the knee-weakening voice of the legendary Paul Harvey, we’re now able to understand the true grit of American farming. Thanks Ram.

Budweiser | Brotherhood (Clydesdales)
In 60 seconds I met, grew up and fell in love with an amazing Clydesdale horse. Budweiser has made the oversized breed famous with every timeless commercial they’re involved in. Plus, Fleetwood Mac was happening.

Tide | Miracle Stain (Montanaland)
Tide, part of Procter & Gamble has been a household name for decades and with their countless ads showcasing over 80 of their strong businesses, this one in particular made me listen. Spoiler alert: the ending is a perfect curveball.

Go Daddy | Perfect Match (Big Kiss)
It’s pretty disturbing. Mega-model, Bar Refaeli and unknown geek Jesse Heiman or “Walter…” Just make out.